BOMBER hand builds the best technical equipment for working couriers.


We design high-quality products that outlive other courier bags while offering a truly premium aesthetic. No matter the weather, no matter the cargo, we’ve got your back.


Braden Bohme

BOMBER bags are designed, engineered and built by Braden Bohme, an ex-courier and die-hard mountain biker. Braden has a lifetime of experience in design, and a passionate focus on finding the perfect relationship between form and function.

A quick glimpse is all you need to notice that our bags are unique. Crisp lines and rich vibrant colours make BOMBER bag designs stand out in the crowd. Take a closer look and you will find attention to detail that will make you smile, with perfectly sewn lines and truly intricate, yet functional design. Our goal at BOMBER is to offer you the bags we would want to buy for ourselves. A bag that is a true companion to your life.


Our goal at BOMBER is to create the best bags on the planet. In an industry that has been pushing out look-a-like designs with the same materials for decades, we couldn’t help but notice that there was room for improvement. BOMBER aims to not just push the boundaries but revolutionize the industry. One indestructible bag at a time.

For couriers, by couriers

BOMBER bags show the great pride Braden takes in his work. His attention to detail and drive to find better design standards are evident in the development of his completely unique manufacturing technique – laser guides and projected templates allow BOMBER to offer an incredible consistency while maintaining hand-built quality.

Bombs Away!