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The Bomber PRO is the ultimate XL courier backpack.

Designed to offer long lasting durability and ease of use for bike couriers and those who need the ability to carry huge cargo-  expanding from 40L to 120L+.

The PRO bags are built with WeatherMAX fabric. It is totally water proof and very durable. High quality SUNultraDee antiwhick thread, taped seams, and floating liners in all pockets ensure the most incredible water-proofness in a sewn backpack.


Bomber has an extensive use of premium nylon webbed straps to reinforce the entire backpack, ensuring extreme load ratings well over 200lbs. When upgraded with the heavy duty frame offers an incredibly high load rating and exceptional support.

Craftsmanship is of course 
guaranteed. The Bomber Roll-top has been through extensive development since its inception, and in its current stage 3 form represents TOP DOG in the XL bike courier backpack. This bag is nearly the largest, yet when paired with the lightweight remove-able liner is almost half the weight of its competition. Though so light, do not be fooled to think that this bag is weak.

No one has broken a V.II or newer Bomber. Any failure in past Bombers has resulted in re-designs to eliminate the possibility of a repeat failure. These bags have been tested mainly in Toronto, where they have a unique need for XL backpacks seeing 50-80lbs orders often.
The build and material quality in this back pack are unique


WARRANTY - I will repair a bag for any errors in bag quality. This bag and my building methods have passed the test of the streets, they have survived the thousands of hours of full-time courier work.
The first Bomber I sold has been in non stop full-time use since its creation, and is still going strong.

You will find all the materials used in this bag are some of the best available, coming from Canada, USA, Austria, and Germany.



-cargo support frame, a removable heavy duty beam on the base of the bag that greatly improves support for heavy awkward cargo


-back support frame; two removable flexible support beams aid in comfort and stability for your back


-remove-able interior, not only does this allow you to easily detach and remove the Interior for cleaning, but you can also replace it should it get worn out or you want an upgraded lightweight or thermal liner


-water-proof side pocket(s), additional lids to keep water out of the large side pockets, with velcro closure


-GORETEX padding over breathable mesh and heavy duty memory foam for the most amazing comfort, durability and waterproofness


-TopGun super premium laminated polyester liner shaves almost 2lbs off the bag. Still very durable and easy-clean

-AustriAlpin COBRA aircraft aluminum buckle, rated for 4000lbs
simple the best buckles in the world

-fidlOck magnetic sternum strap, an essential detail for one handed operation


-Cargo straps system, exterior 4x piece adjustable straps(6') with stainless snaps attach to any of the 12 anchor points on the bag